[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2015-02-23

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Feb 23 10:20:14 CST 2015

Present: Roland, Ian, Peter, Steve, Yosef, Philipp,

* fix is accepted. impact is unclear, should only affect convergence speed
* Yosef suspects that this affects the direction that the solver takes
since it only affects the preconditioner

McLachlan rewrite branch:
* latest news: Erik wanted to run benchmarks, Ian will also try but is
very busy, same for Peter

MHD constrained transport:
* Philipp, and the Caltech group have started discussion of constrained
transport algorithms but have not reached a decision what to do
* current best practice is to add some resistivity to the computation of
the electric field, this is consistent with constrained transport. The
numerical coefficient is 1e-3 -- 1e-4 . Currently this is under heavy
development and not even in Zelmani yet.

TOVSolver tying to GRHydro:
* Roland will go ahead and remove the linkage

Hydro in Kranc:
* Ian Hawke (Southampton) is interested in doing a full timestep
evolution scheme (some predictor/corrector) in Kranc


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