[Users] meeting minutes for 2015-01-19

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Jan 19 10:14:38 CST 2015

Present: Frank, Zach, Jonah, Roland, Yosef, Josh, Erik

* EU ET meeting in August around MICRA meeting
* accept support for INT16

* McLachlan rewrite branch:
** waiting for feedback and testing. Needs "Please apply".
** a good test would be a qc0 run with both old and new code and
comparing results if they are within error

* hwloc configuration:
** problem is that when hwloc builds itself, Cactus would need to know
in advance which libraries hwloc will pull in
** original proposed solution to split up build and configure stages and
run configure stage at CST time
** alternative solution is to defer determination of the required link
libraries until jsut before Cactus links. Attempt this first.


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