[Users] HDF5 Error, Hilbert

Geraint Pratten g.pratten at sussex.ac.uk
Tue Oct 20 15:13:53 CDT 2015

Thanks Ian, I think that did the trick! I rebuilt Cactus with a different
MPI infrastructure and made sure that the appropriate MPI environment was
loaded. Seems to be working now, e.g.

INFO (Carpet): MPI is enabled

INFO (Carpet): Carpet is running on 12 processes

INFO (Carpet): This is process 0

INFO (Carpet): OpenMP is enabled

INFO (Carpet): This process contains 1 threads, this is thread 0

INFO (Carpet): There are 12 threads in total

INFO (Carpet): There are 1 threads per process

INFO (Carpet): This process runs on host node203, pid=28712

INFO (Carpet): This process runs on 24 cores: 0-23

INFO (Carpet): Thread 0 runs on 24 cores: 0-23


On 20 October 2015 at 14:55, Ian Hinder <ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de> wrote:

> On 20 Oct 2015, at 15:44, Geraint Pratten <g.pratten at sussex.ac.uk> wrote:
> Thanks! I'll take a look into that - changing to $MPIDIR/bin/mpirun didn't
> help but I suspect that the MPI version used in the options list may not be
> correct. Will see if this is the issue and confirm.
> You could also check to see which MPI module is loaded.  Do you load any
> modules in envsetup in the machine definition file?
> --
> Ian Hinder
> http://members.aei.mpg.de/ianhin

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