[Users] inutes for 2016-08-29

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Aug 29 09:56:02 CDT 2016

Present: Frank, Roland, Zach, Matt, Erik, Roberto di Pietro, 

* close ticket on floating release branch since it seems not
  straightforward to 

* Frank and Steve went through the piraha-everywhere branch and now are
only minor issues left. It will most likely arrive on master soon. This
will cause a force-rebuild to regenerate the ccl generated files

* restart developer workshops (twice a year). Most likely focused on
  particular topics so that not everyone (needs to) attend.
* monthly task-based remote developer's day so that there is minimum
  amount of progress on these topics. Initially try using google
  hangout for this.
* please suggest topics that would require 3-4 hours of developer work
** update of the webpage to simplify navigation, a suggestion is to use
bootstrap http://v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com/examples/ which uses
javascript/css to ensure proper layout on desktops/phones/tablets. Uses
javascript for menus, common include headers. Erik played around with
http://jekyllrb.com which generates mostly static HTML pages from some markdown type source.
** make sure all example parfiles scattered throughout the ET work
** minor coding projects like writing a single HDF5 file of output
rhather than 1 per variable or 1 per group


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