[Users] How to install and run the ET....

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Jun 7 12:40:21 CDT 2016

step 1:

Install "docker" via yum, apt-get, whatever your OS uses.

step 2:

Make sure you're in the docker group (i.e. run "usermod -aG docker 
<user>" as root).

Once this is done, open a new shell.

step 3:

Start the docker server. On Fedora, issue "service start docker" as 
root. On SUSE, it's "systemctl docker start".

step 4:

As yourself, run "docker pull stevenrbrandt/et"

This will consume about 4GB of disk.

step 5:

As yourself, run "docker run -i -t stevenrbrandt/et"

At this point you will find yourself logged in to the docker vm and 
inside the Cactus directory with a successfully compiled ET. You can run 
the testsuite, or whatever else you want to do. When you log out, by 
default changes to the VM are discarded.



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