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Ian Hinder ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de
Mon Jun 13 08:50:03 CDT 2016


I have expanded the page


to be a general page on how to compile the ET, including the different cases of

i) A supported cluster;
ii) A supported or unsupported OS on a laptop or workstation; and
iii) An unsupported cluster.

The latter is of course incomplete since is it complex.  There are obvious places in which people could add more information.

Some of the information on https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Simplified_Tutorial_for_New_Users is now duplicated; we could use a MediaWiki template page and include it on both pages, or we could link to the compilation page from the tutorial page.  The main duplication is the table of optionlists etc for supported workstation/laptop operating systems.  This could actually be removed completely if "sim setup" knew how to choose these.

There are many unsatisfactory aspects to the whole process, and it is likely to be intimidating for new users.  It would be good to streamline this by actually thinking about a new user who is trying to do all of this for the first time, and seeing if simfactory or the instructions could make things easier.

Please take a look and feel free to improve it.

Ian Hinder

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