[Users] Compiling Einstein Toolkit

Hamilton, Maria babiuc at marshall.edu
Tue Jun 28 12:59:32 CDT 2016


I was wondering if I can get some help in compiling the Einstein Toolkit on a cluster called BigGreen
I’ve followed the instructions in https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Compiling_the_Einstein_Toolkit
I’ve created biggreen.marshall.edu.ini and biggreen.cfg, which are attached to this message.
When I issued the commands:
simfactory/bin/sim setup --optionlist= biggreen.cfg --runscript biggreen.sh
simfactory/bin/sim build  --thornlist=manifest/einsteintoolkit.th
I get this error:
Cactus requires a C++11 compiler -- check your C++ compiler and C++ compiler flags

When I run:
make ET-config options=simfactory/mdb/optionlists/biggreen.cfg THORNLIST=manifest/einsteintoolkit.th
I get this error:
checking whether the C++ compiler (g++ -g3 -march=native -std=gnu++11 -rdynamic) works... no
configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C++ compiler cannot create executables (see configs/<configname>/config-data/config.log for details).

I am attaching also the config.log.

Thank you,
Maria Babiuc

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