[Users] Uninitialised variables

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Oct 6 07:35:24 CDT 2016

Hello Ian,

> In this case, there is no final error message and abort, unlike in
> the case of partially-read gridfunctions.  Is this a deliberate
> decision, 
Yes, this is deliberate to allow thorns to be activated in ongoing
simulations. There is a level 2 warning about the non-read in variables
so it should not go unnoticed (in theory at least).

> because for partially-read gridfunctions the results are
> definitely wrong, whereas not reading variables at all might be OK?
> In my particular case, the variables are scalar integers.  What value
> would the variables have in this case?  Does Carpet initialise
> variables to 0?  I seem to see 0, but haven't checked carefully.
They would be whatever Carpet or the memory allocator initialized them
to. CCTK_Initial does not run (normally) during checkpoint recovery. You
can have CCTK_Initial run *before* checkpoint recovery (with values in
the recoverd variables overwritten by the recovered values) by setting
Cactus::recovery_mode to "relaxed" (see flesh/src/param.ccl). This may
be what you had in mind.


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