[Users] Uninitialised variables

Ian Hinder ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de
Thu Oct 6 05:36:48 CDT 2016


If I add a thorn to a simulation part-way though, its Cactus variables won't be present in the checkpoint file on the first recovery.  The code which detects this is in Carpet/CarpetIOHDF5/src/Input.cc and the warning is:

              CCTK_VWarn (2, __LINE__, __FILE__, CCTK_THORNSTRING,
                          "variable '%s' timelevel %d has not been read",
                          fullname, tl);

In this case, there is no final error message and abort, unlike in the case of partially-read gridfunctions.  Is this a deliberate decision, because for partially-read gridfunctions the results are definitely wrong, whereas not reading variables at all might be OK?  In my particular case, the variables are scalar integers.  What value would the variables have in this case?  Does Carpet initialise variables to 0?  I seem to see 0, but haven't checked carefully.

Ian Hinder

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