[Users] [Einstein Toolkit] #2067: Tov collapse sim not working

Mikael Sahrling msahrling at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 08:30:14 CDT 2017

I didn't follow any instructions, are there such? I looked at the supplied par file (in the  /par/arXiv-1111.3344/collapse/ directory) and noticed there were two thorns missing: EinsteinEvolve/CoreCollapseControl and CTGamma/CartesianCoordinates. I found these online somewhere (it was a while ago). and updated the thornlist reran the build command and the launched the sim with the submit command. See attached log. I relaunched the sim starting from the latest checkpoint and it bombed somewhat earlier in the evolution.

The CoreCollapseControl seems to be from 2013, not sure about the CartesianCoordinates code ...


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 Comment (by hinder):
  Can you give more details? e.g.:
  * Are you following a tutorial/instructions? 
 Can you point to which one?
  * parameter
  * version of the code (e.g. a
 particular release, or current development
  * submit command
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