[Users] [Einstein Toolkit] #2067: Tov collapse sim not working

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Aug 22 14:09:39 CDT 2017

Hello Mikeal,

> I didn't follow any instructions, are there such? I looked at the
> supplied par file (in the  /par/arXiv-1111.3344/collapse/ directory)
> and noticed there were two thorns missing:
> EinsteinEvolve/CoreCollapseControl and CTGamma/CartesianCoordinates.
> I found these online somewhere (it was a while ago). and updated the
> thornlist reran the build command and the launched the sim with the
> submit command. See attached log. I relaunched the sim starting from
> the latest checkpoint and it bombed somewhat earlier in the evolution.

> The CoreCollapseControl seems to be from 2013, not sure about the
> CartesianCoordinates code ...
About the same. CartesianCoordinates is only included b/c some other
thorn in there needed a thorn that implements "Coordinates". Now that
Llama is in the ET one can just use its own "Coordinates" thorn with
the proper single-box settings.

CoreCollapseControl could likely be replaced by thorn Trigger (and a
large number of triggers).

Yes the failure is a con2prim failure though the density is not yet
that high (3.420260e-03 up from initially 3.15e-3 which in itself is
actually quite high, hmm, maybe that is where the problem comes from.)


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