[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-08-28

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 28 10:17:54 CDT 2017

Present: Steve, Yosef, Roland, Bill, Erik, Bruno, Eloisa, Ian, Bhavesh,
Peter, Gabrielle 

KNL status:
* Cactus supports AVX512, uncovered a bug in Carpet's prolongation
  op code, patch is up for review Steve will look at it, this also
  makes tests pass for floats rather than doubles

ET workshop in Mallorca update:
* http://grg.uib.es/EinsteinToolkit2017/
* 11-14 of October, last day is Ed Fest
* will have intro to ET on the 11th
* 12th, 13th will be fully dedicated to ET, contributed talks on 12th,
  13th will be future plans and developments
* will also get together to submit "cost" proposal, which supports
  building networks in the EU
* will include on ET website once more details are fixed
* registration is officially closed, room block is gone, rooms can in
  principle still be booked but there is no guarantee to have a room

status of servers at LSU:
* simfactory.org is back up
* Roland says that Ian has hooked the ET websites to uptime service and
  can likely add others to the recipient list (or just at the
  test at einsteintoolkit.org mailing list)

Transitioning ExternalLibs to git/svn:
* Roland has a proof of concept move to github, which lets end users
  use svn for downloads. Another change (in principle separate)
  modifies history so that the git repository has manageable size by
  turning the tar.gz files into tar files so that git's
  delta-compression works
* will move discussion to mailing list and come to a decision next week

ad-hoc topics:
* Erik has patch for Carpet that disables OpenMP in the prolongation
  ops, this makes it actually faster for some cases. Roland will
  provide freedback for KNL.
* Gabrielle will create facebook page for ET and add Steve Brandt as
  admin to the page
* not much of a discussion on working groups last week, working
  document is
* working groups are advertised on the ET mailing list and decided upon
  by the maintainers, thus the working group memberships and plans are
  public and have set deadlines for milestones
* procedure is approved, send documents to
  maintainers at einsteintoolkit.org

No ET phone call next week due to labor day holiday in the US the next
meeting will be 2017-09-11.


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