[Users] web-development session postponed

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Fri Feb 24 10:02:48 CST 2017

Hello all,

in case you would like to join, this is a hangout url we can use:


it is the same hangout as used for Monday's ET call.


> On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 11:07:50AM -0600, Roland Haas wrote:
> >Hello all,
> >  
> >> I am sorry, but I am unable to host the web-development session
> >> today. Quite likely I'll re-schedule it some time next week.  
> >The minutes say the web-devel meeting would be Friday: eb 24th 2017 at
> >10am CT / 11am ET / 5pm CEST using Google hangout.  
> I see. I remembered wrong then. Would probably work. See you then.
> Frank

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