[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-01-23

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jan 23 09:44:51 CST 2017

Present: Eloisa, Erik, Frank, Ian, Josh, Yosef, Vassili, Roberto,
Roland, Cory, Steve

* proposed VINFO macro fails when called with only a single argument.
  Use suggested change by Roland of absorbing all arguments in
* piraha_everywhere: Philipp Moesta found issues with the ccl files in
  Zelmani, will post the files as stress test for piraha in a ticket

Release and development plans for the spring
* piraha_everywhere
* include code changes from Parma group, incl. LORENE2
* compute RHS in MoL_PostStep rather than MoL_CalcRHS in at least
* GRHydro cleanup, move F90 code into an archive directory
* include RNSID (Roberto and Nick Stergioulas), proposal should be
  ready in the next couple of weeks

Updated website layout:
* http://einsteintoolkit.org/new/
* Erik suggests to have the tutorial more prominent (ideally on the
  front page)

ET workshop in summer in the US:
* sometime in summer, but no concrete date is set


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