[Users] Jenkins down due to suspected security compromise

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Jun 20 10:18:39 CDT 2017

Hello Ian,

> The same 5 tests that had been failing before are still failing, but
> I don't see any failures in McLachlan.
>  GRHydro.GRHydro_test_shock_weno/1procs	
>  GRHydro.GRHydro_test_shock_weno/2procs	
>  SphericalHarmonicRecon.regression_test/2procs	
>  SphericalHarmonicReconGen.SpEC-dat-test/2procs	
>  SphericalHarmonicReconGen.SpEC-h5-test/2procs
I pushed fixed for the last two
*  SphericalHarmonicReconGen.SpEC-dat-test/2procs	
*  SphericalHarmonicReconGen.SpEC-h5-test/2procs
that failed with a segfault and hdf5 error, respectively, yesterday Mon
Jun 19 13:43:37 2017 -0500 . Do you know if they are still failing for
Finally this test
*  SphericalHarmonicRecon.regression_test/2procs
is also passing on my laptop.

So: They are no longer failing on my laptop (Sky Lake cpu) using the
Ubuntu option list that the jenkins slaves were using.

I attach the option list and cpuinfo output.


My email is as private as my paper mail. I therefore support encrypting
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