[Users] Is there any document of TwoPuncture's code?

赵志超 yanyuechuixue at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 06:05:16 CDT 2017

Hello everyone,

I want to change TwoPuncture's code to add some matter to BBH simulation.
I think at first I should understand the method TwoPuncture used.

I have read two paper about this thorn by Marcus Ansorg et.al and Vasileios
Paschalidis respectively.
But I still do not understand how it treat the equation contains sources
and a blackhole.

Another question, can TwoPuncture generate a spinning Neutron Star? I know
it can generate BH-NS initial data. This question equal to "Is the source
included Momentum Constraint has been writen to TwoPuncture's code? "

Best Wishes,
ZhiChao, Zhao.

Institude of High Energy Physics, CAS, China.
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