[Users] Splitting CarpetHDF5 data into smaller domains

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Sep 18 21:18:46 CDT 2017

Hello Ashok,

> I have a big CarpetHDF5 3D data file which I want to visualize with ViSit.
> I am only interested in a small subset of complete data. Is there any HDF5
> utility within einsteintoolkit which I can use to extract data in a smaller
> sub domain ?
If you want to end up with a single hdf5 output file (so no more file_0
file_1 etc) then you can you the hdf5_slicer tool and its 3d output
option. From memory something like this:

hdf5_slicer --out3d-cube --match 'THORN::var.*it=12345' var.file_*.h5

which will get all datasets for iteration 12345. If you need to keep
multiple files you can use the more primitive hdf5_extract which takes
a file with dataset names to copy. You also have to include the a
listfile. Usually something like this:

h5ls var.file_0.h5 | sed 's/\\ / /g' | gawk
'/it=12345/||/Attributes/{sub(" Dataset","");sub(" Group","")}'
hdf5_extract file_0.txt var.file_0.h5 var.it12345.file_0.h5

which extracts the same datasets as above plus the "Parameters and
Global Attributes" group which is required.


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