[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-09-25

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Sep 25 09:52:51 CDT 2017

Present: Steve, Roland, Peter, Sam, Bill, Vassili, Erik, Gabrielle,

Cactusmaint email list:
* mentioned all over the ET place, but no longer exists
* Steve will get cactusmaint working again
* Steve and Gabrielle will at leisurely pace go through page and find
  places where users at cactuscode.org would be better
* task force: Steve, Erik, Gabrielle, Roland to define Cactus projects
  vs ET projects

Historical pictures for Cactus:
* call for photos still ongoing send to Gabrielle

ET demo machine at NCSA:
* as of this morning is responding to web-access:

Working group updates
* Gabrielle added material to the wiki
* first one ready here
* working group definitions here
* have meetings for this at beginning of month

presync scheduler:
* Sam has presync code working with ML_BSSN

Next release
* regular schedule would call for November release
* multiple dislikes for this
* next date would be February
* what to include in release?
** two new thorns: GiRAFFE, RNDID
** SI2 deliverables
* need release manager for schedule, wiki page etc

ET call
* Roland will host call on Oct 2nd
* likely no call on Oct 9th


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