[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-04-23

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Apr 23 09:48:06 CDT 2018

Present: Roland, Qian, Bhavesh, Gabrielle, Samuel, Steve, Vassili,
Yosef, Zach, Helvi, Antonio, Peter

website issues:
* new website server up and running in a docker image, image is
  available on dockerhub in stevenrbrandt's account.
* https should now work on the website

gitter chat rooms:
* up and running, have a handful of persons in it
* will keep testing it

Working group updates
(slides are on the agenda page:

* IllinoisGRMHD:
** next call in May
** currently a bit swamped
** there are people actively using the code (Illinois. Frankfurt)

* Performance optimization
** group exists, has regular meetings on the last Friday of the month
** currently assessing goals and assigning priorities

* SphericalBSSN
** paper is accepted for publication, should be out soon
** working on logarithmic grid in "r" and document thorn 
** will apply for inclusion in ET and move to standalone repo
** hydro and MHD are being worked on using same reference metric
** will need some help adding tests

* DataVault
** currently working on plotting of time series
** test installation ready at NCSA (development copy is here:

* Data Dependent Task Scheduler
** will present in SI2 PI meeting where Peter will present
** Sam is working on getting new SYNC and BC to work
** currently working on interpolation thorns
** ML_BSSN should work, Boundary should work
** currently working through test suite to identify failing tests
** expanded goal: making this work with Carpet rather than just PUGH

* Education and outreach
** postponed

* Cosmoparticle
** group has formed, meeting regularly once a month
** will have presentation on GRChombo today

US ET meeting
* website is up now
* registration should be possible by end of week
* waiting on responses from invited speakers


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