[Users] memory leak in Carpet?

Ian Hinder ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de
Thu Aug 2 12:41:11 CDT 2018

Can you put labels on the plot for each curve? I don’t know which variables correspond to the different columns in the file.

Ian Hinder

> On 2 Aug 2018, at 18:02, Miguel Zilhão <miguel.zilhao.nogueira at tecnico.ulisboa.pt> wrote:
> hi Ian,
>> Can you do this with tcmalloc (and activate the tcmalloc thorn that I pointed you to), and plot the variables tcmalloc::
>>     generic_current_allocated_bytes
>>     generic_heap_size
>>     tcmalloc_pageheap_free_bytes
>>     tcmalloc_pageheap_unmapped_bytes
>> This will let us know whether there are actual memory allocations which are being made and not freed, or whether the rss is increasing due to fragmentation.
> yes, i've just re-ran with tcmalloc. please see the (very crude) plot attached. does this help? sorry, i don't really know how to interpret these data :-)
> thanks!
> Miguel
> <mem_tcmalloc.pdf>
> <mem_carpet.pdf>

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