[Users] binary neutron stars with gas surrounding

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Aug 7 07:01:23 CDT 2018

Hello Jie,

> If I want modify the parameters file (code)  --"NsNsToHMNS.par" of
> the binary neutron stars in the* "gallery example"* to simulate the non
> vacuum binary neutron stars (and the gas surrounding could be in different
> density and velocity distribution, should I add some thorns into the
> parameters file(NsNsToHMNS.par )? if yes, what should I add? )how could I
> do ?
I do not think that such thorns already exist. You would have to write
them on your own.

I do not have such a thorn, but have a attached a very simple skeleton
code that demonstrates how one would set values on the grid. The
skeleton code was written as a template on how to read spherically
symmetric data onto the grid (it is not functional though) but you can
just take out the fopen and fscanf calls and compute the density and
velocity variables on your own.

Note that doing do will almost certainly violate the Hamiltonian and
Momentum constraints of GR so you should keep your densities and
velocities small to reduce the violation and may also consider evolving
using the ccZ4 formulation of BSSN that the McLachlan code offers in
the ML_ccZ4 thorns.


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