[Users] docs.einsteintoolkit.org

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Tue Aug 7 16:30:18 CDT 2018

We have a new wiki on docs.einsteintoolkit.org and a solution to the 
problem of non-CCT people accessing the site.

The wiki no longer relies on CCT ldap (existing accounts were copied 
from ldap). Anyone can sign up for an account on the new site. From the 
main page, click "special pages" then "create account."

Or, you can use this link directly.


If you have an existing account and your password doesn't work for some 
reason, the password reset should function.

Note that there is a new "skin" with this version of Mediawiki called 
vector. You can select it from your "My preferences" link.

We've tested this here at CCT, but doubtless someone will find a problem 
with it that we didn't think of.


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