[Users] question about Cactus::cctk_final_time

黃世杰 sjhuang1206 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 22:40:36 CDT 2018

i have runned the simulation of binary neutron stars in the gallery
example, and at first, the set of Cactus::cctk_final_time(in the parameters
file --"NsNsToHMNS.par") is 2500, but i want to prolong it, so i modify the
Cactus::cctk_final_time from 2500 to 7000, and the parameterfiles at the
~/Cactus/par/  and
/scratch2/scratchdirs/jie9/simulations/NsNsToHMNS/output-000X/  I both
modify, but the simulation still stop when the time come to 2500, how could
i do ?

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