[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-12-10

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Dec 10 10:04:35 CST 2018

Present: Roland, Antoni, Bill, Helvi, Josh, Miguel, Peter, Sam, Steve,
Zach, Helvi, 

* Josh reported on bugs existing in the English named classes in LORENE
  in the newer part of the codebase that do not yet exist in the French
  named classed
* Josh expects to send bug fixes back to LORENE but will take a while
  to track them down
* not sure if the ET's LORENE1 already has these bugs present that
  exist in LORENE2

ET infrastructure presentation:
* suggestion to move Docker repos etc to github organization
* add contact information for ticketing system so that non-locals can
  ask for help
* for LSU try using external LSU accounts created for trac, for NCSA we
  can create collaborator accounts for maintainers (ask Steve or Roland)
* slides are here:
* ran out of time, will continue next time

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