[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-07-02

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 2 10:20:05 CDT 2018

Present: Roland, Bhavesh, Peter, Sam, Steve, Yosef, Zach, Helvi, Ian,
Antoni Ramos, Gabrielle, Shawn, Qian

Peter will host the meeting for the next 4 weeks until but not incl.
August 6th.

ET release in August:
* would be 6 months from last release
* have test cases for GiRaFFE
** total data file size: 31 MB
** largest memory usage: 3.4GB
** runtime: cumulative 1hr of runtime
** limits should be such that things can be run on a low and laptop,
test should be regression tests. Physics tests should be separate can
be eg in par/ directory or in gallery.
** Roland suggests no more than a couple hundred MB of RAM for tests to
run in VMs of tutorial machines, Ian suggests less than 1GB
* will push back to September to make sure GiRaFFE is included

Thorns to include:
* Proca and Lean, Helvi and collaborators are working on paper, but
  there has not been much work on including it yet.
** there is a test suite for it
** needs a reviewer, likely not in this release but in the next
** advertise on ET page and wiki on
https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Thorns_we_know_of, add to master einsteintoolkit.th on master after release

ET testing sytem
* currently down due to suspected
* Nebula is also down due to hardware issues
* NDSlabs is ending its testing phase, need to look for alternative
  services for the VMs

Supporting current OS:
* issues with passing Fortran strings will exist once gcc8 becomes
  commonplace. Roland found that the issue already exists with all
  intel compilers on 64bit machines and has apparently not caused
  issues so far. Erik's fix should be applied, extended to also cover
  intel compilers:

Bugs in ET:
* https://trac.einsteintoolkit.org/ticket/2158 Steve will go ahead

Testing ET on Macs:
* get spare macbooks at NCSA
* buy some mac hardware
* run OSX in a VM
* consider Linux subsytem for windows
* check that there are instructions on the tutorial

* Steve would like to have flesh support PreSync in next release to be
  available for thorns that want to use it
* ideally it should be possible to run simulation with mixed presync
  aware and presync unaware thorns without them interfering
* move discussion to the mailing list

Education and outreach group:
* poll to find a time for a regular call:
* the first meeting will finalize the proposal:
* please join if interested in the working group


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