[Users] How to set adaptive refinement.

Yuhua Li liyhts at yeah.net
Mon Jul 30 10:51:51 CDT 2018

Hello all,

When I doing the simulation Hydro_RNSID in Einstein Toolkit. I met some problems:

WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro): Con2Prim failed; stopping the code.
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro): Even with mesh refinement, this point is not restricted from a finer level, so this is really an error
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):             on carpet reflevel:  1
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):                   xyz location:     0.000000       -6.000000        0.000000
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):                         radius:     6.000000
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro): hydro_excision_mask, C2Pfailed:   0    1.000000
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):        rho eps press w_lorentz:    0.1057347E-05   0.1857035       0.1963532E-06    1.047789
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):                     velocities:    0.2045605      -0.4772050E-01   0.9116232E-16
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):                       dens tau:    0.3259242E-05   0.8464639E-06
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):                           scon:    0.1949336E-05  -0.3921220E-06   0.8515884E-21
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):                       3-metric:     2.054383       0.8422013E-01   0.3666352E-20    2.115545      -0.1509363E-20    1.994599
WARNING[L1,P0] (GRHydro):                   lapse, shift:    0.6504332      -0.9400928E-01  -0.2831831E-01  -0.3942654E-21
WARNING level 0 from host lyh-Lenovo process 0
  while executing schedule bin CCTK_POSTSTEP, routine GRHydro::check_GRHydro_C2P_failed
  in thorn GRHydro, file GRHydro_Con2Prim.F90:1847:
  -> Aborting.

I don't know how to mesh refinement.

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