[Users] Going from lapacke.h to mkl_lapacke.h

Chris Stevens c.stevens at ru.ac.za
Sat Mar 24 02:38:41 CDT 2018

Hi everyone,

I have just ported my code from a local cluster to larger one which uses 
intel mkl and wanted to clarify the changes I've made are the correct 
ones wrt the lapacke library:

-- In the local cluster, I had the option

LAPACK_LIBS = lapack lapacke in my .ini file

and used #include "lapacke.h" in the code.

-- In the bigger cluster, I now have to use intel mkl, and I have the 
following options in my .cfg

LAPACK_DIR  = /apps/compilers/intel/parallel_studio_xe_2016/mkl/lib/intel64


which will only compile my code if I replace #include "lapacke.h" with 
#include "mkl_lapacke.h".

Question: Is this the right way to generalise to mkl lapacke?

Problem: The code runs fine on the local cluster, but breaks (not 
obvious where) on the larger one with the above changes. The lapacke 
functions seem to work OK at a glance, but seeing as this is the only 
thing that has changed this may still be the culprit.

Question: Do I perhaps need to change the lapacke function calls also? 
The mkl_lapacke.h header file doesn't seem to give much insight... I 
think I remember seeing somewhere calls replaced something like

LAPACKE_dgels -> MKL_LAPACKE_dgels



Dr Chris Stevens

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Department of Mathematics

Rhodes University

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