[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-11-19

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 19 09:29:08 CST 2018

Present: Steve, Miguel, Roland, Sam, Peter, Bill, Helvi, Antoni, Zach

* tasks for next Einstein Toolkit relelase trac listing:
** LORENE2, should be enable in thornlist to compile, Zac wanted to provide a small data set to load it
** WVU Thorns, Zach will try and spend time for test file creation as well as making VolumeIntegrals thorn work with pure HydroBaser
** Gallery Example, Peter will look into it, has had no time last week
** Memory leak, Roland is running with his custom memory checker to find out of a single routine allocates more and more memory as the simulation progresses

* Trac migration:
** have progress
** can import all 2000 tickets
** need more work to translate user names and attachment names

* Tutorial server
** will move to NCSA Nebula
** Roland to talk to Craig Willis about user authentication. We do not expect very many users, but a steady stream.

* Date for ET infrastructure presentation: Steve, Roland, Peter to present the ET infrastructure on Dec 10th

We expect to have low attendance for the Nov 26th call (Monday after
Thanksgiving) but will have a call.

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