[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-10-01

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Oct 1 09:37:34 CDT 2018

Present: Roland, Chris, Peter, Steve, Helvi, Zach, Sam, Bill

* currently no anonymous ticket editing due to spam
* working on transferring it to github, Steve, Roland, Debopam Sanyal
  (undergrad student at NCSA)
* some progress in transfer, no definite horizon for it to be done

memory consumption during regrid:
* want a small, standalone parfile to test this
* ask Miguel or Wolfgang for one since they reported the issue

tutorial notebook:
* currently no online tutorial
* move back to Nebula
* Roland / Steve talk to Craig Willis
* modify the tutorial to fit into machine more easily
* remove OS specific cfg and ini files from simfactory. Steve has
  branch with those changes. Needs to work with all published tutorials
  in particular the simplified tutorial which we would like to remove

Unanswered questions:
* question about using PGI with Cactus. Fails in Vectors with internal
  compiler errors. Peter managed to compile with PGI man years ago.
* suggestion to add support using the PGI compiler, which would add
  another compiler which would help finding bugs

New code for inclusion in next release:
* please propose large inclusions on mailing list / wiki / trac
* Roland would like to pull changes from Carpet/funhpc into master,
  will run proposed list by Erik to learn of the changes are considered
  useful. This will be a large pull request mixing many different
  thematic changes.

ET release:
* Miguel will put minutes of discussion on the wiki, however is having
  problems creating a wiki account
* Steve looked into this during the call, Miguel will try
* will advertise minutes on ET website once they are on the wiki

Working groups:
* Cosmoparticle call later today at 16:30 UK time

My email is as private as my paper mail. I therefore support encrypting
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