[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-04-04

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 4 09:31:08 CDT 2019

Present: Steve, Roland, Yosef, Helvi, Peter, Chris, Zach, Antoni

re-run gallery examples
* Helvi's group ran the examples before the release, will update the
  dates on the gallery pages
* need to re-run single NS example to use correct parfile

suggestions for new improvements to be included in the ET
* Zach has a new version of Giraffe written in NRPy
* Zach has Fisbone-Moncrief disk intial data thorn
* cleaned up versions of Giraffe and IllinoisGRMHD
* Peter's self-force code is getting closer to be included
* SphericalBSSN should be open sourced by August, maybe before the next
* more gallery examples for IllinoisGRMHD, Proca
* PreSync is getting closer

* Steve (and Sam) will work with Zach to add the READ/WRITE directives
  to NRPy generated codes
* currently these declarations are added by hand, ideally they should
  be derived from the expressions

ET meeting at RIT in June
* invites to speakers are out
* schedule will go up once the science speakers have responded

ET meeting at KCL in September
* dates: September 2nd - 6th
* both school and workshop
* website will go up very soon


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