[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-04-11

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 11 09:17:23 CDT 2019

Present: Roland, Chris, Peter, Sam, Steve, Bill

gallery examples
* BBH, Poisson, TOV: no updates since Helvi could not make it 
* BNS: Peter will start looking once more

ET meeting at KCL:
* no update since Helvi could not make it
* will put announcement on ET website once it is stable enough

ET meeting at RIT:
* no update since Yosef could not make it

Tutorial server:
* no major issues known at this point
* Bill will try once more to run the tutorial
* currently have to manually pull docker image once it needs updates
  since build takes to long to be done on-demand
* suggest using a web-hook or cronjob (once a day) to pull the newest
* make sure that docker image stays useful for regular tutorials
** may want to add scipy to it

Questions on mailing list:
* Steve asked about Cartoon's SYNC behaviour


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