[Users] Meeting minutes for 2019-08-22

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Aug 22 09:42:11 CDT 2019

Present: Frank Loeffler, Steve, Peter, Bill, Zach, Helvi, ... (I forgot 
to write this down during the meeting, please let me know if I missed you)

Does HARM have an advantage over Cactus for neutron star evolutions?
     - It can excise the center of the grid and possibly the z-axis
     - Cactus lacks spherical coords, however Spherical GRMHD should help,
       also Spherical BSSN Code (Zach added all optimizations)
     - Zach is working on magnetized BNS merger, letting Harm do the long
       term evolution using a static spacetime Developing a handoff code.

A new driver thorn based on AMReX is being developed:
     AMReX https://amrex-codes.github.io/amrex/

ETK meeting in London
     2-6 of September
     Schedule will be up soon

Zenodo DOI. List of names is complete. Still filling in people
     Plan is to sort anyone on the list who participates in the release 
to the top.

     - Peter's code in the ET
     - Separate checkout from the ET, but with the same tag.
     - Steve is reviewing Peter's code, help would be welcome
     - Zach wants the Fishbone Moncrief thorn to be included.
       Generates NRPy but NRPy is not required.

Zach noticed that his recent NRPy code is 20% slower with the Intel 

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