[Users] Error running nsns_test.par with file resu.d

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Aug 29 09:55:10 CDT 2019

Hello Atul,

just in case this is still an issue: the Meudo_Bin_NS thorn's
parameter's description (see
arrangements/EinsteinInitialData/Meudon_Bin_NS/param.ccl) says:

STRING filename "Input file name containing LORENE data"
  "" :: "Any filename, potentially including path"
} ""

ie you should put the full (absolute) path to the resu.d file in there.

Based on the information that you provided in your email you could put
the file eg into 


the set

Meudon_Bin_NS::filename =

but any other location that is accessible to the computen nodes will do.


> Hello,
> I am trying to do a test run with nsns_test.par from the default ETK
> package from directory
> /Cactus/repos/wvuthorns_diagnostics/NSNS_parameter_files/ and getting the
> following error:
> ERROR from host epycfe.crc.nd.edu process 1
>   while executing schedule bin HydroBase_Initial, routine
> Meudon_Bin_NS::Meudon_Bin_NS_initialise
>   in thorn Meudon_Bin_NS, file /afs/
> crc.nd.edu/user/i/isuh/astroph/Cactus/08132019/Cactus/configs/sim/build/Meudon_Bin_NS/Bin_NS.cc:107
> :
>   -> File "resu.d" does not exist. ABORTING  
> cactus_sim: /afs/
> crc.nd.edu/user/i/isuh/astroph/Cactus/08132019/Cactus/configs/sim/build/Carpet/helpers.cc:275:
> int Carpet::Abort(const cGH*, int): Assertion `0' failed.
> I obtained the file "resu.d" from http://astro.phys.wvu.edu/zetienne/resu.d but
> don't know where I should put the file. I think this is a Lorene data file
> (based on
> http://dspace-unipr.cineca.it/bitstream/1889/3328/1/Thesis_Maione.pdf).
> Does anyone know where to place it?
> Thank you,
> Atul Kedia,
> Physics Graduate student
> University of Notre Dame

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