[Users] Error running nsns_test.par with file resu.d

Atul Kedia akedia at nd.edu
Mon Aug 26 15:22:18 CDT 2019


I am trying to do a test run with nsns_test.par from the default ETK
package from directory
/Cactus/repos/wvuthorns_diagnostics/NSNS_parameter_files/ and getting the
following error:

ERROR from host epycfe.crc.nd.edu process 1
  while executing schedule bin HydroBase_Initial, routine
  in thorn Meudon_Bin_NS, file /afs/
  -> File "resu.d" does not exist. ABORTING
cactus_sim: /afs/
int Carpet::Abort(const cGH*, int): Assertion `0' failed.

I obtained the file "resu.d" from http://astro.phys.wvu.edu/zetienne/resu.d but
don't know where I should put the file. I think this is a Lorene data file
(based on

Does anyone know where to place it?

Thank you,
Atul Kedia,
Physics Graduate student
University of Notre Dame
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