[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-12-12

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Dec 12 09:59:31 CST 2019

Present: Bill, Chris, Helvi, Maria, Peter, Roland, Sam, Steve, Zach

Chair: Zach
Minutes: Roland

status and running of working groups:

* working groups have some strings attached and will be terminated for
* many working groups have stalled, eg the performance optimization
* more conference calls seem to not be the solution to ensure more
* suggestion to establish a point of contact for the working group, so
  that there is a person that can speak up when a question relevant to
  the field are brought up
* working groups need to contribute to progress in their area and
  report on this, should have a well defined goal
* amend policy to add "last updated" date to established working groups
* revive regular working group updates in weekly telecons, add
  round-robin working group updates to telecons
* solicit updates from chairs of working groups

link cactuscode.org into einsteintoolkit.org:
* Steve is working on it but not yet done

review policy for code improvements:
* Canuda and Lean have updates with new functionality (Llama) ready
* IllinoisGRMHD also undergoing updates to use NRPy+ to generate parts
  of its code, adding more documenation as well, next goal is to add
  tabulated EOS

unreviewed changes:
* due to the large number of "minor" and "trivial" fixes and
  enhancements that are outstanding, Roland is currently adopting the
  following deviation from the regular ET policy of every change needed
  review: (1) changes are proposed as pull requests and marked with
  "Please review" as usual, (2) if a change is trivial or minor and
  and is not commented on wihtin 2 weeks, add "Unless objected I will
  push this change after X" with X being 2 weeks in the future. Changes
  that fix physics bugs or are major will be announced explicitly and
  not applied without review. This gives 4 weeks of time before an
  unreviewed change is applied to master.
* as a reminder: documentation changes are usually exempt from review

future chairs: Steve (Jan 9), Helvi (Jan 16)
future minute takers: Bill (Jan 9), Steve (Jan 16)
working group update: Optimization (Jan 9), IGRMHD (Jan 16)

No unanswered questions, no interesting new tickets. 

22 open tickets in review state:

There will be no calls over winter break. The next call will be  Jan 9,


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