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林家暉 r06222015 at ntu.edu.tw
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Dear Erik,
The attached file is my parameter file. I am not sure whether temperature and Y_e is evolved (I thought EOS could calculate temperature).How could I check if there is storage allocated or the variables are evolved?
Thank you.

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It might be that the other two variables do not have storage allocated. This depends on your parameter settings. For example, if you do not evolve the neutrino fraction Y_e, then it will not be calculated, and cannot be output. If you post your parameter file we can investigate further.


On Wed, Jan 2, 2019 at 1:32 AM 林家暉 <r06222015 at ntu.edu.tw<mailto:r06222015 at ntu.edu.tw>> wrote:

I tried to output some physical parameter like temperature , electron fraction and internal energy by adding
CarpetIOHDF5::out2D_vars                    = "
in the parameter file, but only eps are output successfully, the others are failed. Is there anything I have missed ?
Thank you.


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