[Users] Spacetime evolution with hydro refluxing

Jens Mahlmann jensmahl at alumni.uv.es
Wed Jan 9 14:05:42 CST 2019

Dear all,

I have recently changed my hydro simulations to the Refluxing strategy 
implemented by Erik Schnetter. For this I have changed the standard 
configuration to a *cell centred refinement, staggered boundaries and 
low order spatial prolongation for the hydro variables*. Since then I 
experience problems with BSSN or, more specifically, the 
QuasilocalMeasures thorn (a=0.9 black hole). After an initially fine 
behaviour, *no Eigenvector with value one is found and the spacetime 
gradually crashes*.

I am still puzzled where this is coming from. Does anybody have some 
experience with the combination spacetime evolution + hydro refluxing, 
i.e. the somewhat different grid setup? I would be glad for any input to 
see where I start to fix my work.

Thank you very much and my best from Valencia

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