[Users] Modfication of Hydro_Analysis thorn

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 10 08:51:22 CST 2019

Hello Federico,

please do the following:

1. rebase your changes onto master (optional but helpful)
2. create a pull request on bitbucket for your changes
3. create a ticket on trac.einsteintoolkit.org mentioning (and linking
to) the pull request

It probably helps to add the pull request to an ET meeting agenda and
call in to advertise it and find a reviewer.

Reviews follow (more or less) this guide:


and rules for code quality are here (mostly geared towards new thorns
but also applies in general):


[...] requirements for software:

* Components should be of sufficient quality to be used for peer-reviewed and published science. This includes a basic standard of software engineering, documentation of the software including algorithms and methods, tutorials and examples, and self-tests to demonstrate that the software works correctly.
* To focus development and support, optimize resources, and provide best practises, the Einstein Toolkit components should be of current interest to the community.
* All components must be distributed under an open source licence so that others can use these components without restrictions (except as mandated by scientific integrity), can modify and improve them as necessary, and can pass on these modifications to their collaborators as they see fit.


> I and my group have done a modification of the Hydro_Analysis thorn, in
> order to compute the baryonic mass. We have done all the corrections
> suggested by Rolan Haas in order to release our version and also produced
> the relative test suite.
> I tried to create a ticket in order to pull our modification, but an
> external account is needed to do this. I sent an email to
> rraether at cct.lsu.edu like it is written on the website, but I had no new
> notification.
> What steps I should follow in order to proceed with the pull of our
> modification?
> Best Regards,
> Federico Cipolletta.

My email is as private as my paper mail. I therefore support encrypting
and signing email messages. Get my PGP key from http://pgp.mit.edu .
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