[Users] Visualizing Carpet Multipatch (Llama) data

Severin Frank severin.frank at uni-tuebingen.de
Fri Jan 11 04:44:09 CST 2019

Dear all,

I compute some multipatch grid simulations with the ET using Llama 
(Cartesian grid in the center surrounded by a spherical one, 
"Thornburg04") .

My output is for example /CarpetIOHDF5::out3D_vars = "H//ydroBase::rho"/

However, I have problems visualizing the multipatch grid data That's why 
I would like to know if someone has experience on visualizing those kind 
of data?

My first attempt was to use VISIT (gui2.13.2) but it worked only for the 
Cartesian part so far. Although the software recognizes the outer part 
as "Carpet Multipatch", it is not able to anything with it:

/"The compute engine running on (...) has exited abnormally./




/Shortly thereafter, the following occured.../




/The Mesh plot of "Carpet Multipatch" for the file "(..).file_* 
database" could not be generated by the compute engine on host "localhost"./

Does anyone knows a solution for this kind of problem or would you 
recommend to use something else (e.g. Pyplot)?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Severin Frank

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