[Users] Visualizing Carpet Multipatch (Llama) data

Severin Frank severin.frank at uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Jan 17 06:03:20 CST 2019

Thanks for your reply,

for my current output

CarpetIOHDF5::out_vars = "grid::coordinates{out_every=1000000000}

I receive files like



Now I have basically two questions left:

1) How can I use both of these databases now to generate plots in visit, 
i.e., how can I use the coordinates to plot rho?

2) If I try to plot only the grid-coordinates in VisIt (e.g. Mesh plot):
     - If I plot it for the "Carpet-AMR-grid" I can see the mesh plot 
for the inner Cartesian grid.
     - If I try to plot if for the "Carpet Multipatch", the same error 
as before occcurs:

"The compute engine running on (...) has exited abnormally.

Shortly thereafter, the following occured...

The Mesh plot of "Carpet Multipatch" for the file "(...)* database" 
could not be generated by the compute engine on host "localhost"."

Does this mean that there is something wrong with my grid setup?

Best regards,

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