[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-01-24

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 24 10:12:59 CST 2019

Present: Roland, Bill, Chris, Erik, Steve, Antoni, Zach

SSL certificates:
* working on this, but InCommon has been very slow to respond
* compounded by issues with the CCT computer hardware
* see github move of ExternalLibraries

moving ExternalLibraries:
* go ahead with compressed tarballs in repo
* move right away
* update old release branches and add new release tags to point to new

trac to bitbucket transition:
* Roland gave presentation
* please have a look at https://bitbucket.org/riksanyal/trac_bb/issues
* send comments about things that are incorrect to
dsanyal2 at illinois.edu and rhaas at illinois.edu 
* will proceed with transition after Feb 1st at which point trac
  will be taken down

ET release:
Will go ahead with March deadline.

* NSNS gallery example:
no updates

* Lean/Proca:
no updates

* WVUThorns:
Zach is working on thorns, needs small LORENE ID file for testing

No open tickets or issues to discuss.


My email is as private as my paper mail. I therefore support encrypting
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