[Users] Norm2 calculation on different grid levels

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Sat Jun 15 18:07:36 CDT 2019

Hello Ian,

> I meant to use CarpetMask; isn't this a way to mask points from reductions?
CarpetMask does not directly offe a "mask" grid function instead it has
code (and parameters) to mark a spherical region or the interior of a
spherical surface as to be ignored.

It does so by modifying the "weight" grid function in CarpetReduce which
is used by all reductions, so modifying it for one thorn will make
reductions behave unexpectedly for all thorns.

This may be sufficient for the original issue namely to "exclude the
boundary contribution to the calculation". It will be remove that
contribution from any and all reduction operations.

You could also modify CarpetReduce::weight directly by setting it to
zero in regions you want to exclude.


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