[Users] Achieve Cell-Center in NR simulation

Steve Hawk steve-hawk1998 at outlook.com
Sun Jun 23 03:10:41 CDT 2019

Thanks for giving some hints about adaptive mesh refinement with the help of Roland, but I feel sorry that I came across some new problems about cell-centering when I try to simulate "the transition from wormholes to trumpets” considering Schwartzchild metric.

Since the singularity (0,0,0) exists under the metric of Schwartzchild, I want to make use of cell-centered method to avoid the singularity. Although there is an option CartGrid3D::avoid_origin = “yes” in the thorn CartGrid3D, it seems that it doesn’t works properly: the data related to the grid points (0,0,0) is still been calculated (very large!). The related par file is attached in the attachment.

So I am wondering is there a method to solve the problem or any parameters of thorns governing the cell-centering methods?

Best Regards!

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