[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-03-14

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 14 10:01:39 CDT 2019

Present: Roland, Bill, Chris, Peter, Sam, Steve, Yosef, Wilke van der
Schnee, Zach

piecewise polytrope with gallery example:
* had issues with complex grid structure, caused by Trigger thorn
  creating the third refined box
* Roland suggests that he has seen the
Hydro_Analysis_rho_max_origin_distance value being set to 1e-13 or so for a single point before it recovers to "sane" values. This could have triggered the thorn
* it should be possible to change the Trigger thorn parameters during a
  restart to only enable them later in the run
* Roland also suggests to try and run with magnetic field evolution
  turned on for a zero magnetic field, this seems to help since the MHD
  con2prim routine seems more robust than the non-MHD one

* Zach provided tests, Jenkins updater needed to be updated
* Steve has suggestions about code

* no review yet, needs to be reviewed etc in the very near future or
  must be dropped (or release postponed)

ET release:
* testsuite failures we worry about: bluewaters, golub (number of
  them), OSX failures
* missing machines: queenbee, smic
* currently testing with intel compilers, gcc compilers. Peter will
  test PGI on smic.
* tickets: please review the release relevant ones,

tutorial server:
* make production ready and test out
* try out CILogin, if it does not work revert to github 

ET meeting at RIT:
* need to finalize list of speakers, currently more speakers than slots
* calling for volunteers for the tutorial session. Typically Steve is
  handling this
* tutorials should target advanced users as all users are expected to
  have used the ET before
* will leverage another conference at RIT to get some more speakers


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