[Users] change the number of nodes on Cori

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Tue May 7 08:56:39 CDT 2019

Dear Erik,

Thanks for your reply.

The attached files are the submit script and log file as well as the .out file.

Since Cori is a supported machine , so I directly use the default submit script and only revise part of the .ini file (e.g. allocation and directories).

Best regards,


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Ö÷Ö¼: Re: [Users] change the number of nodes on Cori


Your second command (using --procs 64) should request 2 nodes. If not,
there is an error in Cori's machine description. It could also be that
Cori's queuing options changed since the description was written. I
don't have access to Cori at the moment so I cannot check myself.

Can you post the submit script that is generated for your job, as well
as the output of your job?


On Tue, May 7, 2019 at 2:20 AM ÁÖ¼Ò•Ÿ <r06222015 at ntu.edu.tw> wrote:
> Hello,
> I use the nersc machine cori to run the ET simulaiton. I am wondering how to change the number of nodes. I use the command like :
>  simfactory/bin/sim submit mysimulation --parfile par/file.par --node 2 --walltime 00:30:00
>  simfactory/bin/sim submit mysimulation --parfile par/file.par --procs 64 --walltime 00:30:00
> but neither of them change the node used from 1 to 2. Is there some possible way to change the number of nodes?
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Chia-Hui
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