[Users] problem using McLachlan with a NS-BH system

Bruno Giacomazzo bruno.giacomazzo at unimib.it
Wed Nov 27 05:36:43 CST 2019

Dear All,
  a student of mine (Giulia Crotti) is having issues running a NS-BH
simulation with GRHydro and McLachlan (parfile attached). The problem we
are having is with the metric evolution (see attached image for the lapse
produced just before the crash) and I don't think I ever saw such a
problem. Does any of you have any suggestio?

Approximately around 2000 iterations the simulation crashes with the
following error:

ERROR from host r168c12s01.marconi.cineca.it process 0

  while executing schedule bin CCTK_EVOL, routine

  in thorn PunctureTracker, file

  -> Shift at puncture #0 is (-nan,-nan,-nan).  This likely indicates an
error in the simulation.

Something is wrong with the metric; indeed the lapse function gets larger
than 1. We have 9 refinement levels on the black hole, with a resolution of
0.045 on the finest grid. The initial data have been computed as to get a
mass ratio = 3; so the black hole mass is ~4 solar masses. The black hole
is non-spinning.




Prof. Bruno Giacomazzo
Department of Physics
University of Milano-Bicocca
Piazza della Scienza 3
20126 Milano

email: bruno.giacomazzo at unimib.it
phone: (+39) 02 6448 2321
web: http://www.brunogiacomazzo.org

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