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Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Sep 11 10:43:49 CDT 2019

My wife recommends "folium":
<https://anaconda.org/conda-forge/folium>. This is a Python package
talking to the "folium" Javascript library that displays the map.

Here is a simple example:


On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 10:48 AM Niels Warburton <niels.warburton at ucd.ie> wrote:
> Hi Roland,
> The BHPToolkit map is made using the Google Maps - MyMaps service (www.google.com/mymaps). As we currently have a small number of users I have just been keeping the map up to date by hand. Unfortunately it does not look like there is a programatic way to use MyMaps (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40488333/google-my-maps-api).
> Perhaps there is a way to do this using the usual Google Maps API. It’s certainly something we will want as well as our user base grows.
> Regards,
> Niels Warburton
> Royal Society - SFI University Research Fellow
> University College Dublin
> On 9 Sep 2019, at 17:29, Haas, Roland <rhaas at illinois.edu> wrote:
> Hello Niels,
> after the discussion at the ET meeting in London last week, would you
> mind sharing the scripts (or instructions if you have any) that were
> used to produce the user map at:
> https://bhptoolkit.org/users.html
> For the ET we would like to have a similar life map:
> https://trac.einsteintoolkit.org/ticket/260
> It seems that Google's API can find out the location based on the names
> (at least based on the original simple MMA script that was used at
> NCSA).
> Yours,
> Roland
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