[Users] Failed installation

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Sep 30 07:37:47 CDT 2019

Hello Villani,

> svn --version says:
> svn, version 1.10.6 (r1863367)
Ok so at least subversion is installed.

> the long command says that everything is installed and updated.
Did you also run the two commands 

./GetComponents --update ./einsteintoolkit.th &>GetComponents.log


svn info https://github.com/einsteintoolkit/ExternalLibraries-GSL.git &>svn.log

producing the two files GetComponents.log and svn.log .

Could you please send me to two output files GetComponents.log and

I have seen failures of this sort for svn (really openssl) versions that
were too old since github will not accept any ssl connections from
servers that are to using at least tls v 1.2. However your svn version
seems sufficiently new that I would expect it to be linked against a
new enough version of OpenSSL.

Can you let me know what version of Linux / OSX / Whatnot you are

On Linux you can try and use the command "lsb_release --all".

> I am encountering some problem emailing you: i have been trying for
> almost a week now and always got the message:
> 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked
> using dnsbl.sorbs.net; Currently Sending Spam See:
> http://www.sorbs.net/lookup.shtml?
> as a response.
There is not much that I can do about this as this is a University wide
spam filter. The IP address that is banned ( seems to
belong to Google (mail-wr1-f47.google.com). Are you trying to use
Google to send emails? I would rather use your "regular" University
account (and email server) which does not seem to be blocked. Sending
emails just to users at einsteintoolkit.org is enough though, there is no
actual need to CC me on it.

I will forward your blocked email message to the admins here as I would
have hoped that GMail was not blocked since quite a number of US
Universities actually run their (student) emails using Google's


My email is as private as my paper mail. I therefore support encrypting
and signing email messages. Get my PGP key from http://pgp.mit.edu .
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