[Users] Meeting Minutes 2020-04-23

Bill Gabella b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Apr 23 09:48:50 CDT 2020

Present:  Steve B, Bill G, Roland H, Atul K, Peter D, Alois Peter S, 
Zhichao Z, Zach E., Christopher E., Maria BH, Yosef Z, Erik S

Chair: Steve
Minutes: Bill

Steve does have a no cost extension, so the LSU Fall workshop could be 
put off until the next year.

Asked Ian Hinder about moving Cactus code to Github.  Is anything else 
on the SVN server?  RH, Some tools only exist there which could be 
moved.  Check if the mailing list is there.   GW analysis code only 
exists there at this point.  SB, We want to retire that server.

  * update on potential codes to be included in next release, from
    minutes [RH]
      o BaikalETK (Zach, Helvi)
        Zach says he should be sending email to Helvi. *14 days until
        feature freeze.*
      o PreSync (Steve, Roland)
        Roland and Steve have been communicating. Issues to be resolved
        and working on them.  RH, could be a struggle to get everything in.
  * *feature freeze in **14**days*,

    timeline [RH]

  * Release testsuite results [RH]
    RH no updates.  More important thing is to put on the website the
    fails of the testing, script needs updating and should take 1-2
    hours to fix up.  Best if you can see what changed easily.  Script
    is in the testsuite results, and link that says all the results are
    stored in here.  In there a Perl script is in the toplevel
    directory...also a CLI so that you can try this out (some details
    SB needs to run the Linux tests.
      o bugs of severity major or worse

        #2370:Wrong MoL surprises Steve, he has used it.  RH, was always
        incorrect in Schedule.ccl so the order could be random.  Likely
        changed in the last years, maybe when MoL changed, counting
        #2368  Summation by parts, SB is anything going to happen? 
        Peter will look at it today or tomorrow.
        #2336 Cactus version number in Makefile, Roland will fix soon.
      o trivial or minor bugs tagged for the next release
      o other open tickets flagged for the next release
  * gallery testing:  tasks
    See the note above about fixing script to add results to the web page.
  * volunteers needed, please volunteer (someone) [RH]
    Have volunteers for everything.
      o TOV: Brock Brendal (UIUC)
      o BNS: Shawn Rosofsky (UIUC)
      o BBH: Alois Peter Schaffarczyk (Kiel) << Atul K will help with
        post-processing, see below.
      o Poisson: Bill Gabella (Vanderbilt)
      o Multipatch scalar wave: Beyhan Karakaş (Ege University)

unanswered question on mailing list 
Apr 9: Should put in a response on the "Instabilities with 
Summation..."  Peter reminds us we discussed it last week.

open tickets sorted by update time 

tickets ready for review 

All other business?

Atul K. asked if he could help with gallery testing.  Atul will work 
with Alois Peter S. on the BBH.  Peter says the run has been done, on 
two machines, and starts the post-processing and there help would be 
good.  They will coordinate.

Chairs and minute taker for future meetings:

1st week May, 7 May 2020, Roland chair, Bill minutes

2nd week May, 14 May 2020, Zach chair, Maria minutes

Zach tried to compile ETK on cell phone.  First issue was a dumb thing, 
easy to fix.  config.guess file is "12 years old" since last update.  
Gnu updates more frequently, could not recognize the ARM cpu.  SB says 
make a ticket and a pull request.  Extension of the existing script from 
the GNU folks.  Steve has compiled on a Raspberry Pi...Erik recalls 
updating 8 years ago, the config.guess for the RPi.

 From above, Roland put in the chat his running the *Perl update script 
*on the command line:

perl ./compare_results.pl ET_2019_03_v0 master 
results/bluewaters__{1_8,2_8}.log results/comet__{1_24,2_12}.log 
results/golub__2_10.log:results/golub__2_12.log results/stampede2*.log 

And a colon between items indicates a filename change between the two 
releases, as in the two Golub entries.

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN  USA

b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
(o) 615-343-2713

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