[Users] Meeting Minutes 2020-08-20

Hamilton, Maria babiuc at marshall.edu
Thu Aug 20 10:11:50 CDT 2020

Call Chair: Peter Diener
Minute taker: Maria Babiuc-Hamilton

Peter starts the meeting by asking if there is anything else to be added to the agenda. Concluding after a silence that there is nothing to be added, he starts with the first two items on the agenda, namely BNS and BBH gallery testing.
Roland says is there, Shawn Rosofsky is in charge with it,
Atul confirms that is there and reports that the BBH testing is for the most part done and it is uploaded at the address:
Peter goes to the next item, namely the proposed inclusion of ReadInterpolate, Roland’s thorn
Roland explains that Yosef is reviewing, and asked for a specific test to confirm that the interpolator works, as well as and documentation. Everything should be in the master thorn list. Two test are running, interpolating TOV star, and it needs reviewed. He states that we are in the middle of the release, so it should be OK for inclusion.
Peter ask about Power and Roland reports that there is more work to be done there: merge scripts, clean-up on scripts, documentation. The math and physics are there, but the user-interface is not.  He concludes that is not yet of the quality to include in ETK in the next month or so, but meantime it is publicly available.
Zach, as the reviewer for this thorn, concurs with Roland. The review has not started, and he foresees he will be continuously engaged with other commitments the coming months.
Roland announces that Power will be retracted for this release.
Zach expresses his interest in picking up Power in a few months, because he is looking for non-Mathematica based post-processing GW code.
Peter follows up with NRpyPN, for which he is the reviewer. Although he did not start yet, he will free some time to start the review soon.
Zach confirms that the code is ready for review, and asks Roland what he thinks about moving forward to larger package, by adding the eccentricity reduction code.
Roland replies that the eccentricity reduction code is there, but it will also need a bit of work, maybe not as much as Power. He will make it public but does not have the intention to include it in the next release, because is not ready for lack of man power. On the todo list are a flexible parameter file to be written, flexible, and make it automated with simfactory. He prefers to keep it separately.
Roland also entreats the reviewers to plan for lot of time for review.
Peter goes to the unanswered questions on the mail list and concludes that there is no action to be taken there.
Zach mentions the email requesting code for Kretschmann Scalar and states that is implemented both in NRPy and WeylScal4 thorn. He refers to a private conversation with the user that requested the Kretschmann Scalar code, regarding the fact that is a 4D quantity.
Peter goes on to open tickets and please review and asks if there is anything in particular.
Roland describes the work he has done in removing the old style interface of the stress energy tensor deprecated in 2011, without removing its functionality. He needed to change Exact, to no longer ADMCoupling and ADMMacros, removed ADMConstraints and changed to McLaughlin ADMConstraints. This is a major change, and all test pass. He does not yet propose to remove Coupling and Macro because there are many tests depending on them that need to be removed.
Peter complements Roland for his work and declares end of agenda. Nobody has anything else to bring up, and the meeting is adjourned.


Maria C. Babiuc Hamilton, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Physics
College of Science, Marshall University,
1 John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV, 25755
Room S 257, Phone: (304)696-2754

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